Tellur Aliens is a colorful kids animated serial about adventures of inhabitants of planet Telluria.
Series are targeted for secondary school classes and pre-school age children, however focus groups research states that other family members enjoy watching «Tellur Aliens» not less than kids.

The serial was developed with participation of kids psychologists and pediatricians, it considers all aspects of age categories’ physical and mental development.



Some people may wonder how the projects are usually born. Einar Gabbassov, the director of feature film and TV series of "Tellur Aliens", wrote the story of the birth of "Tellur Aliens" on his professional blog www.renderstory.com

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Cinematic storytelling and visuals of Tellur Aliens create the immersive experience of travelling to new mysterious Universe of Telluria. Join the adventure and read the story about the cinematography of Tellur Aliens here.



We have good news! "Tellur Aliens" has a new mind-blowing Key Visual! Space and Sci-fi together with charismatic characters and giant robot make a great mix of the perfect key visual for the feature! Enjoy the story of KV creation right here!